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Pop-Up Museum For Keynsham!!

Keynsham Through Time: The Abbey And The Brass Mills

An exhibition celebrating Keynsham Abbey and the Brass Mills of Keynsham, with displays of historic artefacts, a reconstruction model and street entertainment.

An exhibition about Keynsham Abbey and the Brass Mills of Keynsham. As well as information and photographs about both these facets of Keynsham's history, the exhibition will include displays of artefacts recovered from the Abbey (some of which have been in store for over two decades) . There will be a scale model of the Abbey. The exhibition will include information and artefacts relating to the three brass mills in Keynsham: Avon Mill, on the site of the current Brassmill pub; Chew Mill, in Keynsham Memorial Park; and New Brass Mill, near the current Albert Mill apartments. On Saturday 9 September there will also be street entertainers and walkabout performers in Keynsham.

Event Times

Friday 8 September: 1000-1700 Saturday 9 September: 1000-1700 Sunday 10 September: 1000-1700 Friday 15 September: 1000-1700 Saturday 16 September: 1000-1700 Sunday 17 September: 1000-1700

Saturday 21st October: 1000-1700

Sunday 22nd October: 1000-1700

Monday 23rd October: 1000-1700

Tuesday 24th October: 1000-1700

The photograph you see above, is of a a large 'ceiling boss' discovered during the archaeological digs that took place between the 1960s-1990s. This 'boss' has been called 'Samson and the Lion' but there is some debate as to whether it is Samson or of 'David and the Lion'. This boss was sent to Rome for examination and returned to the BANES archives. We are delighted that this Boss and many other artefacts will be on display at the Pop-Up museum. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more details on this event - please use this link.

The grant for the Keynsham Pop Up Museum has come from Keynsham Local Cultural Programme, which is an element of the Keynsham High Street Heritage Action Zone scheme. It is funded by Historic England and run as a partnership between Bath & North East Somerset Council and Keynsham Town Council. You can read more about the project here:

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