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  • Andy Williams

Spring 2023 has arrived!!

Saturday 18th March 2023. Spring was evident in the Abbey grounds where volunteers took advantage of the good weather and started an early spring tidy up.

We welcomed Jay as a new team member - it was great to see a new volunteer start with us (Jay has also single-handedly lowered the average age of our group by around 20 years, which is a bonus)! At the start of the session, Noel & Karen took Andy on a tour of the grounds, pointing out new spring flowers which were photographed and included in this blog (Andy does struggle to differentiate between flowers and weeds!). Several members of the public stopped to view our new information sign which looks splendid at the entrance to the Abbey grounds. Elaine took a small party on a tour of the grounds and several people stopped to enjoy the grounds and early spring flowers.

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