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15/12/2021 - Bristol History & Archaeology Society

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

BHAS was formed in 1951 by those attending archaeology/history classes at Bristol Folk House. In the 1960s, we became involved in rescue work on Keynsham Abbey (located inside Keynsham Memorial Park), when the by-pass was constructed through the Abbey remains. After the by-pass was completed, the Society continued to excavate the site, until 1990s. On completion of the excavation, the Society laid out the site as gardens with false walls and planted 12th century herbs/plants that would have existed at the medieval abbey.

We have a small working group of volunteers who meet every fortnight (Spring and Summer) and every month (Winter and Autumn). We maintain the gardens and remains weeding/planting/repairing walls) and have provided information events about Keynsham Abbey – e.g., annual open day and in 2008 we held an exhibition on site which attracted 400 people.

Pre-Covid, we encouraged visitor events and offered guided tours to local groups of scouts, schools and any passer-by who wanted to know more about the incredible history of the site. As a group, we feel strongly that local knowledge about the history of the Abbey is not well known, and we are seeking to broaden that knowledge whenever possible.

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